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We empower the client to find the answers to their problems by using their own resources, clearly defining the issues and transforming them into opportunities and concrete actions for their resolution, facilitating a change of perspective.  We Encourage self-awareness, commitment and the confidence of the Business Executive. Develops their potential by making the best use of their knowledge, intelligence and experience.

We help to develop their potential, improve their performance and effectiveness, manage changes in their behavior, use the best resources, and find a healthy balance between a personal and professional life by making the best use of their knowledge, intelligence and experience. It is focused on goals, results and direct impact in their professional lives and their companies.

Why do you need an Executive Coach ? To develop self-management skills, such as goal setting, self-motivation, stress management, accountability and organization. To develop interpersonal skills such as empathy, assertive communication, conflict management. To develop systemic competencies such as leadership for the current times and creating high-performance teams.



The Business Coaching provided by us helps your company increase profitability, expand your margins, gain accountability in order to meet business objectives and reach new heights. Our coaching involves a process of organizational transformation throughout a collective learning process of its employees, intervention in processes, systems and business culture to obtain the expected results with a shared vision in today’s business environment characterized by volatility and uncertainly.

Why do you need a Business Coach? For effective change management processes, develop organizational capacities, develop key competencies in the organization, manage individual´s and collective´s performance, develop talents throughout the organization, strengthen constructive communication, align purposes, objectives and strategies to generate positive environments.



The coaching for Entrepreneurs we offer boosts the entrepreneur’s ability and helps their business to increase profitability, driving margin expansion and develop a solid business plan. Facilitating the definition of the main objectives and the establishment of concrete actions plan.

Our method consists of 9 phases (all aspects of entrepreneurship), designed as a key pack in hand to assure a high effectiveness to carry out a successful business. You will find solutions that work for you and that allow you to move higher and faster than you could on your own.

No matter what stage of Entrepreneur you are in, we are here to help you build, grow and scale your taylor made business that you always dream of.

Why do you need an entrepreneurial Coach? To structure a business plan or modify it according to the needs and challenges of the market, to analyze necessary competencies to develop effectively your business and to develop entrepreneurial competencies, to control and manage effectively emotions and different situations. To have a detailed plan with short- and medium-term goals that work.


We enable teams to identify and address their challenges over a coaching program – resulting in deep learning and sustainable change. Your team can develop together, clarify its purpose, goals and ways of working, reconnect with stakeholders and better understand their needs, and identify powerful new ways to contribute to its organization’s success.

We work with the team to promote greater self-knowledge and coexistence, generate cohesion and unity, improving communication, trust and leadership, developing positive relationships that influence the results and competencies of productivity or efficiency, developing action plans to achieve high performance sustained over time.

Why do you need a Team Coach?  To turn your team into a high-performance team, to diagnose and develop the steps to maintain sustainable results over time. To align the purpose of the team with those of each member. To generate commitment, transform strategies into specific and measurable performance objectives.


Our purpose as a life coach is to help you to reach your potential and achieve your goals, in order to improve your life and personal satisfaction. We work with you to define your personal mission, acquire self-knowledge, gain clarity about what you want, improve your decision, adaptation to new habits, improve in social skills, emotional management, strategies to adapt to new changes, recover autonomy, increase self-esteem and self-confidence, projection towards a new personal stage creating a plan to reach your goals faster. 

Why do you need a Personal Coach? To support personal change or transformation, improve relationships and generate positive and motivating environments, to find the purpose of life, to clarify the objectives and a route plan to face moments of uncertainty, to modify limiting beliefs, to achieve life balance, happiness and personal well-being.



The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted organizations, people, ways of working, processes, and protocols. This situation has caused important adjustments in the Human Resources areas, in their way of conceiving their role and acting on a day-to-day basis to ensure new working environments.

At Euro Business Coach we accompany leaders and human resources managers to adjust, rethink and improve their human capital areas to keep their employees productive, motivated, committed and connected in this new normal where people permanently coexist with technology.

A new direction full of great possibilities in your personal and professional life

"Coaching now is part of the standard leadership development training for elite executives and talented up-and-comers... a trusted adviser to help reach their goals"



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