Our Purpose

Help people and companies develop their maximum potential and achieve their best version. Permanently improve organizational and personal effectiveness by offering a differentiated service with a clear value proposition and enriched experience. This is our passion and vocation.

Our Mision

Empower people, teams and organizations to achieve their current and future goals and objectives. Working on value creation, effectiveness and the potential of each client to achieve enhanced performance and build positive environments.

Our Vision

Become a benchmark for people and companies when developing key competencies, productivity and creativity. Improve organizations to create favorable and positive environments for all stakeholders in the English and Spanish-speaking markets.


Claudia Nieto Licht

Claudia Nieto Licht

Founder and director

Subsequently to gaining more than 20 years experience managing human talent in the private and public sectors, more specifically in multinational corporations in South America, the last five years I have focused and dedicated myself to the exciting world of coaching. I was certified as a Master Business Coach Expert in Spain which include the certifications as a Personal coach, Executive, Team, Corporate and as a Business Coaching Facilitator. In addition to these, I am  also certified as an Entrepreneur’s Coach.

Cesar Nieto Licht


More than 25 years of professional experience in Human Talent achieving results in transformational processes and business growth. I work as Human Talent Manager at the Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores. I worked  as Director of HR  at EAN University, Human Resources Manager at Geophysical Acquisition & Processing Services, GAPS, Human Resources Director at the Bogotá Stock Exchange, Development Manager Human of Banco Sudameris, and Manager of Training and Continuous Improvement of Banco de Colombia.

Laura Cadena Nieto

Junior Associate Consultant Germany

I  studied and graduated from Lancaster University (Top Marketing University in the UK) with a year in industry obtaining a BSc Marketing Management degree. I began my primary studies in Bogotá, later studied at Lincoln International School in Argentina and finished my high school at Frankfurt International School in Germany. I worked in multinational companies such as Accenture, Boehringer Ingelheim and General Mills in Germany. 

Values Euro Business Coach

Our Values

Work Ethic

Commitment to the confidentiality of the information provided by the clients and the compliance with the ethical principles of coaching.

The recognition of valuing not only in interpersonal relations and ideas but also from teams and organizations.


Defined by the capacity and commitment to the highest quality and effectiveness standards.


Conducting impeccable behaviour in honest and consistent communication (act in accordance to what was promised), respecting the values of justice and truth.

Customer Focus

The orientation towards exceeding the client’s satisfaction, offering a differentiated service that adds value.


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Claudia Nieto Licht 

Certified Master Business Coach

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