Is an Online coaching company that provides stellar business coaching to executives, teams, companies and entrepreneurs throughout Europe and South America to assist clients in achieving their personal and professional objectives.

Empower clients to develop their leadership skills through innovative and holistic approaches. Develop clients’ core professional competencies, such as leadership, teamwork, communications, collaborative relations, management performance, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution. Align the values and vision of leaders with their organizations. Work closely with entrepreneurs to develop and implement customized business models and business plans. 

Our Purpose

Help people and companies develop their maximum potential and achieve their best version. Permanently improve organizational and personal effectiveness by offering a differentiated service with a clear value proposition and enriched experience. This is our passion and vocation.

Our Mision

Empower people, teams and organizations to achieve their current and future goals and objectives. Working on value creation, effectiveness and the potential of each client to achieve enhanced performance and build positive environments.

Our Vision

Become a benchmark for people and companies when developing key competencies, productivity and creativity. Improve organizations to create favorable and positive environments for all stakeholders in the English and Spanish-speaking markets.

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Our main focus is coaching that delivers results. With our Certified Master Business Coach we are delighted to offer coaching for:  Executive, Business, Teams, Entrepreneurial and Individuals (life coaching)


At Euro Business Coach we accompany leaders and human resources managers to adjust, rethink and improve their human capital areas to keep their employees productive, motivated, committed and connected in this new normal where people permanently coexist with technology.


Encourage self-awareness, commitment and the confidence of the Business Executive. Develops his/her potential by making the best use of his/her knowledge, intelligence and experience. It is focused on goals and results.

We empower the client to find the answers to his/her problems by using his/her own resources, clearly defining the issues and transforming them into opportunities and concrete actions for their resolution. We also facilitating a change of perspective.

Why do you need an Executive CoachTo develop self-management skills such as: goal setting, self-motivation, stress management, accountability and organizational. To develop interpersonal skills such as empathy, assertive communication and conflict management. To develop systemic competencies such as leadership for the current times and creating high-performance teams. 


Business Coaching provided by us helps your company increase profitability, expand your margins, gain accountability in order to meet business objectives and reach new heights. Our coaching involves a process of organizational transformation throughout a collective learning process of its employees, intervention in processes, systems and business culture to obtain the expected results with a shared vision in today’s business environment characterized by volatility and uncertainly.

Why do you need a Business Coach? To: implement effective change management processes, grow organizational capacities, develop key competencies in the organization, manage individual´s and collective´s performance, develop talents throughout the organization, strengthen constructive communication, align purposes, objectives and strategies to generate positive environments.


For Entrepreneurial Coaching we boost the entrepreneur’s ability and help their business increase profitability, drive margin expansion and develop a solid business plan. Facilitating the definition of the main objectives and establishment of concrete action plan.

Our method consists of 9 phases (all aspects of entrepreneurship), designed as a key pack in hand to assure a high effectiveness to carry out a successful business. You will find solutions that work for you and that allow you to move faster and higher than you could on your own.

No matter what stage of the entrepreneurial process you are in, we are here to help you build, grow and scale the taylor-made business that you always dreamed of.

Why do you need an Entrepreneurial Coach? To structure a business plan or modify it according to the needs and challenges of the market. To analyze the necessary competencies in order to effectively grow your business and develop entrepreneurial capabilities. Understand how to control and manage emotions effectively in different situations. To create  a detailed plan with short- and medium-term goals that work.



We enable teams to identify and address their challenges over a coaching program – which results in deep learning and sustainable change. Your team can develop together, clarify its purpose, goals and ways of working, reconnect with stakeholders and understand their needs better, identify powerful new ways to contribute to its organization’s success.

We work with the team to promote: greater self-knowledge and coexistence, generate cohesion and unity, improving communication, trust and leadership, developing positive relationships that influence the results and competencies of productivity or efficiency, developing action plans to achieve high performance sustained over time.

Why do you need a Team Coach? To turn your team into a high-performance team, to diagnose and develop the steps to maintain sustainable results over time. To align the purpose of the team with those of each member. To generate commitment, transform strategies into specific and measurable performance objectives. 



Our purpose as a life coach is to help you reach your potential and achieve your goals, in order to improve your life and personal satisfaction. We work with you to define: your personal mission, acquire self-knowledge, gain clarity about what you want, improve your decisions, adapt to new habits, improve social skills, emotional management, strategies to adapt to new changes, recover autonomy, increase self-esteem and self-confidence, projection towards a new personal stage creating a plan to reach your goals faster. 

Why do you need a Personal Coach? To aid in personal transformation or change, improve relationships and generate positive and motivating environments. To find the purpose of life,  clarify objectives and a route plan to face moments of uncertainty and modify limiting beliefs. To achieve a balanced life, happiness and personal well-being.



The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted organizations, people, ways of working, processes, and protocols. This situation has caused important adjustments in the Human Resources area, in their way of conceiving their role and acting on a day-to-day basis to ensure new working environments.

At Euro Business Coach we accompany leaders and human resources managers to adjust, rethink and improve their human capital to keep their employees productive, motivated, committed and connected in this new normal where people permanently coexist with technology.

Claudia Nieto Licht 

Certified Master Business Coach 

What is coaching?

Coaching is a powerful tool for the development of the new organizational paradigm. It is a methodology oriented to work with individuals, teams and the organizations in general to get the best out of all individuals involved, enhancing the performance at key moments and supporting processes of crucial change and improvement. Coaching is the perfect ally for companies and their executives to meet the needs and challenges of the current business world.

In recent years, organizations have had to cope with the changes that have arisen in robotics, automation, digital transformation and interconnectivity, among other factors. These circumstances together with great competition and enormous shifts in global markets, have demanded and will require even more in the near future for companies to take on the challenge of reinventing themselves in many aspects. For example, the redesign of its structures and its leaders, in the development of new management systems, mechanisms to strengthen employee commitment and engagement, overall productivity and the growth of the enterprise.

Additionally, due to an ever-expanding globalised marketplace the learning of cultures, and breaking down barriers is essential for the successful growth and development of organisations. The people, talents, competencies, values, and motivations, as well as the way to interact, organize and produce are key levers for the success of all businesses. These are essential components that organisations need to adapt and transform to the changes of the market at local and international levels

Values Euro Business Coach

Our Values

Work Ethic
Commitment to the confidentiality of the information provided by the clients and in compliance with the ethical principles of coaching.

Understood as the value given by others not only in their interpersonal relationships and ideas but also from teams and organizations.

Defined by the capacity and commitment to the highest quality and effectiveness standards.

Represents sincere and consistent communication and behavior (acting in accordance to what was promised), respecting the values of justice and truth.

Customer Focus
 Orientated towards satisfying the client’s expectations, offering a differentiated service that adds value.

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Claudia Nieto Licht

Claudia Nieto Licht

Founder and director

Subsequently to gaining more than 20 years experience managing human talent in the private and public sectors, more specifically in multinational corporations in South America, the last five years she  has focused and dedicated herself to the exciting world of coaching. Claudia was certified as a Master Business Coach Expert in Spain which include the certifications as a Personal coach, Executive, Team, Corporate and as a Business Coaching Facilitator. In addition to these, she is  also certified as an Entrepreneur’s Coach.

Cesar Nieto Licht


More than 25 years of professional experience in Human Talent achieving results in transformational processes and business growth. He has been Human Talent Manager at the Fundación Universitaria Los Libertadores, Director of Human Development at EAN University, Human Resources Manager at Geophysical Acquisition & Processing Services, GAPS, Human Resources Director at the Bogotá Stock Exchange, Development Manager Human of Banco Sudameris, and Manager of Training and Continuous Improvement of Banco de Colombia.

Laura Cadena Nieto

Junior Associate Consultant Germany

She studied and graduated from Lancaster University (Top Marketing University in the UK) with a year in industry obtaining a BSc Marketing Management degree. She began her primary studies in Bogotá, later studied at Lincoln International School in Argentina and finished her high school at Frankfurt International School in Germany. Laura worked in multinational companies such as Accenture, Boehringer Ingelheim and General Mills in Germany. 


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Claudia Nieto Licht 

Certified Master Business Coach

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A new direction full of great possibilities in your personal and professional life

"Coaching now is part of the standard leadership development training for elite executives and talented up-and-comers... a trusted adviser to help reach their goals"

7 benefits of how coaching culture directly impacts organizationsbanner
Claudia Nieto Licht

7 benefits of how coaching culture directly impacts organizations

We are living great changes in the world of work. Today more than ever the coaching culture, characterized by collaboration, interdependence, high performance, agility, transparency, communication have become requirements for success.
In this post you will find how coaching impacts not only the climate but also the organizational culture and 7 benefits of having a coaching culture in your company.

OKR-Euro Business Coach
Claudia Nieto Licht

OKR: Objectives and Key Results

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a powerful thinking framework and collaborative management methodology for setting objectives in companies, teams and individuals.
The goal is to ensure that everyone is moving in the same direction, with clear priorities, at a constant pace, channeling efforts, assuring coordination and connecting different areas.
OKR provides common purpose and unity across the organization.
It creates accountability with autonomy, improves productivity as well as innovation in a more agile and complex work context.

Team Coaching
Claudia Nieto Licht

7 Key factors of A High-Performance Team

Agility, flexibility, adaptation, and prompt response constitute as competitive advantages, in this new reality, not only for organizations but also for teams. Today effective teamwork matters more than ever.

Empowered teams, especially those that have achieved a high level of self-organization might be more likely to obtain high results.

At Euro Business Coach we believe that there are 7 key areas teams should focus on, in order to deliver valuable results to clients regardless of their sector or company.

Claudia Nieto Licht


Managing time during the COVID-19 pandemic has become a major challenge given the overload of tasks, distractions, technology, work, personal and family responsibilities. Time is an atypical, inelastic, indispensable, irreplaceable resource, but it is totally up to us to manage it. The ability to manage activities and our priorities affects all aspects of our daily lives. In the article you will find interesting techniques to manage your activities and use your time efficiently to achieve your goals with less effort, be more productive, happy and successful. Share it if you think it is useful for other people.

7 beneficios of establishing a business purpose
Claudia Nieto Licht


More than ever companies have demonstrated the power of operating with a clear and driving sense of purpose.
What is the company´s purpose? It is the reason why the organization exists. It gives people a sense of meaning, unites efforts and inspires action.

Life Purpose
Claudia Nieto Licht


The Purpose of life connects us with our essence, allows us to live in harmony and happiness, to appropriate our destiny. To transform our energy into creative energy. To become the protagonists of our own existence. If you are one of those who want to leave your mark on this life, I invite you to read this article.