Why should companies consider hiring a Business Coach? 9 reasons

¿What is Business Coaching?

Business coaching is a discipline which objective is to accompany the transformation of organizations through a collective learning process of its employees and the intervention of processes, systems as well as in the business culture to achieve the expected results, with a shared vision.

Business coaching acts as a very effective tool to detect the difficulties and problems that arise in individuals, teams and the organization in general. It is a process that helps the organization to embark on the path of where it is now to where it wants to be in the future. No matter the stage in which the organization is at. A Business Coach can give broad perspectives in different crucial areas both short and long term.

Business coaching helps leaders establish and clarify roles, objectives and strategies to achieve new levels of effectiveness and competitiveness. Coaching is closely related to the individual and collective results and the daily performance of the leader, the team and the company. Setting in conjunction with management, indicators and the impact of a coach’s intervention within the organization.

True success and development is achieved when one steps outside of their comfort zone, having an experienced business coach supporting executives through this transition immensely increases your success rate, improve their performance and effectiveness as a leader, manager and especially as a person.


Below are 9 reasons why you should hire a coach in your Organization :

  1. Develop and practice positive leadership on a daily basis
  2. Lead efficiently a new project, major expansion or implement changes throughout the organization. 
  3. Identify and develop the talent of staff and make better use of the knowledge available.
  4. Build and manage high performance teams.
  5. Improve performance and productivity.
  6. Improve the effectiveness of how the company and the executives communicate to all the stakeholders.
  7. Improve employee engagement and strengthen relationships 
  8. Increase employee retention and profitability.
  9. Build a company culture based on ownership and accountability.

In the corporate world, coaching was once a perk of key executives and rising stars, but it is now considered a necessary component in organizational mechanisms to help employees, managers, supervisors and executives in their personal development and their contribution to the company´s success. 

Coaching helps Managing Directors, Business Owners and Senior Executives to achieve better agreed-upon business outcomes as an individual or team within the context of an organization, to make better decisions, improve productivity and create positive leadership.

Structures, systems, practices and culture have often been more of a drag on change than a facilitator. If environmental volatility continues to increase, we need to be prepared to manage and anticipate all of these factors. Moreover, managers must be prepared to diversify their working environment combining technological advancements and the demand for a more collaborative and flexible working condition. A business coach can vastly support organizations on the path of making challenging transformations and transitions, necessary in steering the company in a positive and progressive direction.   

Last but not least, it is necessary to provide methodologies that measure both financial and non- financial results. Financial indicators such as ROI and KPIs are essential   metrics in determining value, impact or effectiveness of coaching, as well as non-financial factors such as pre/post 360-degree feedback, psychological pre/post assessments, pre/post management tools, among others. The success of coaching depends on clear objectives and rigorous measurement. At the end, value is in the eyes of the beholder!!


The demand for change in business practices has never greater than it is today. The leaders are asked to be both strategic decision makers and masters of the “soft” skills required to effectively manage people. At the same time face huge movements in the ever-changing business arena and adapt seamlessly to the disruption these impose on the companies that work within them. 

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