Euro Business Coach is  an Online coaching company that provides stellar business coaching to executives, teams, companies and entrepreneurs throughout Europe and South America to assist clients in achieving their personal and professional objectives.

Our Purpose

Help people and companies develop their maximum potential and achieve their best version. Permanently improve organizational and personal effectiveness by offering a differentiated service with a clear value proposition and enriched experience. This is our passion and vocation.

Our Misión

Empower people, teams and organizations to achieve their current and future goals and objectives. Working on value creation, effectiveness and the potential of each client to achieve enhanced performance and build positive environments.

Our Visión

Become a benchmark for people and companies when developing key competencies, productivity and creativity. Improve organizations to create favorable and positive environments for all stakeholders in the English and Spanish-speaking markets.

Do you have any doubts?


Claudia Nieto Licht 

Certified Master Business Coach 

What is Coaching?

Coaching is a powerful tool for the development of the new organizational paradigm. It is a methodology oriented to work with individuals, teams and the organization in general to get the best out of the actors involved, enhancing the performance at key moments and supporting processes of crucial change and improvement. Coaching is the perfect ally for companies and their executives to meet the needs and challenges of this new context in the business world.

In recent years, organizations have had to cope with the changes that have arisen in robotics, automation, digital transformation and interconnectivity, among other factors. These circumstances together with great competition and enormous shifts in global markets, have demanded and will require even more in the near future for companies to take on the challenge of reinventing themselves in many aspects. For example, the redesign of its structures and its leaders, in the development of new management systems, mechanisms to strengthen employee commitment and engagement, overall productivity and the growth of the enterprise.

Additionally, due to an ever-expanding globalised marketplace the learning of cultures, and breaking down barriers is essential for the successful growth and development of organisations. The people, talents, competencies, values, and motivations, as well as the way to interact, organize and produce are key levers for the success of all businesses. These are essential components that organisations need to adapt and transform to the changes of the market at local and international levels.