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How does Executive Coaching add value? 7 key points

What is Executive Coaching?

It is the one to one relationship between an executive and a coach to achieve objectives they request in terms of developing their potential, improving their performance and effectiveness, changes in their behaviour, better use of resources, and finding a healthy balance between personal and professional life.

Every day we are immersed in technological processes such as digitalisation, automation and robotics. The result of this digital transformation we live in, has forced us to shift our attention in this new world. Although this is excellent for everybody, this has made us distance ourselves from each other in a significant way against the essence of human nature. That is, to collaborate and work effectively within groups, encourage others to express their thoughts and feelings, sensitivity to others’ needs and viewpoints, to be good listeners and communicators. For us to devote our efforts to building a better world, perhaps this is not a simple feat, but nevertheless it is better for everyone who lives on this planet. Coaching is the answer to this challenge posed in this changing business environment.

These new social, organisational and technological circumstances present a challenge for us who have dedicated our lives to working with the understanding and comprehension of human processes.

Therefore, why do we focus on working with executives and companies? Simply because they are the fundamental players that can lead with conviction and take action in society.


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Coaching arose thousands of years ago in ancient Greece with Socrates by taking into account the fundamental aspect of inquiry, searching for new ideas, concepts, and the pursuit of truth. Since then many prominent men in the history of mankind have used these foundations or similar principles to what we know today as coaching, which emerged in the 80’s in the USA with great focus in sports with Timothy Gallwey. Since then, it has begun to consolidate itself as a methodology with its own identity that has developed exponentially over the past few years.

One of the world’s leading coaches and pioneer of Executive Coaching is Jhon Whitmore; his book: Coaching for Performance, is considered as “the bible” of Coaching, in Euro Business Coach we highly recommend it.

Fundamentally, coaching is the product of a conjunction of knowledge acquired throughout the history of thought and is closely linked with the development of human potential. Coaching believes deeply in people and in the power of transformation that resides within every human being. It is based on the principle of bringing out “the best version” of that person.

Why is it so effective?

Coaching defines objectives with concrete action plans and specific management indicators which measure the progress of change in the executive’s behaviour, attitudes, thoughts and/or emotions. This is especially important because it has a direct impact on the business.


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What competences are developed in executive coaching?

Self-learning, leadership development, the vision of the business, strategic thinking, organisation at work, flexibility, negotiation skills, communication, ability to interact, emotional intelligence, conflict management, the ability to delegate, teamwork, proactivity, personal management (time management, stress management and risk management) and professional development (self-knowledge, personal change).

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So, when do you need an Executive Coach?

  1. In the development process of the executive (Career Transition)
  2. To build  or consolidate a personal (professional) branding as an employability strategy .
  3. When results are not achieved by lack of commitment, lack of alignment with the company or by unknown causes.
  4. To develop leadership, team building  and key skills.
  5. In difficulties of interaction, communication and/or in the management of conflicts.
  6. In the optimisation of resource management such as time management and stress management or dealing with emotional strain.
  7. To achieve a healthy balance between personal and professional life.

These are the 7 main reasons for me, but there are MORE. I’m certain you will agree, that there is a wide range of situations where the intervention of an Executive Coach adds value not only to the person discovering the world of their own possibilities and internal options but also to the companies, obtaining increased levels of performance and commitment from their staff.


In this post, I have outlined how an executive coach adds value to people and organisations. I hope that I have helped clarify this booming discipline which requires knowledge, experience, skills and passion to really help people.

If you need more information about Executive Coaching and its impact on the results of the organization and people’s lives, do not hesitate to contact us. In Euro Business Coach we will be happy to accompany you on this path to improve your career and your environment.

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