The success factors of the 7 companies that I have presented in the framework of Evaristo Piedrahita's initiative #hablemosbiendelasempresas #hablemosbiendelosempresarios are summarized in this article. Additionally, we have posted the links to the videos that we created of these 7 companies in our social media. These businesses come from sectors such as: technology, gastronomy, agriculture, livestock, manufacturing, health and consulting.


7 benefits of how coaching culture directly impacts organizations

We are living great changes in the world of work. Today more than ever the coaching culture, characterized by collaboration, interdependence, high performance, agility, transparency, communication have become requirements for success. In this post you will find how coaching impacts not only the climate but also the organizational culture and 7 benefits of having a coaching culture in your company.

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OKR: Objectives and Key Results

Objectives and Key Results (OKR) is a powerful thinking framework and collaborative management methodology for setting objectives in companies, teams and individuals. The goal is to ensure that everyone is moving in the same direction, with clear priorities, at a constant pace, channeling efforts, assuring coordination and connecting different areas. OKR provides common purpose and unity across the organization. It creates accountability with autonomy, improves productivity as well as innovation in a more agile and complex work context.

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7 Key factors of A High Performance Team

Agility, flexibility, adaptation, and prompt response constitute as competitive advantages, in this new reality, not only for organizations but also for teams. Today effective teamwork matters more than ever. Empowered teams, especially those that have achieved a high level of self-organization might be more likely to obtain high results. At Euro Business Coach we believe that there are 7 key areas teams should focus on, in order to deliver valuable results to clients regardless of their sector or company.

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Managing time during the COVID-19 pandemic has become a major challenge given the overload of tasks, distractions, technology, work, personal and family responsibilities. Time is an atypical, inelastic, indispensable, irreplaceable resource, but it is totally up to us to manage it. The ability to manage activities and our priorities affects all aspects of our daily lives. In the article you will find interesting techniques to manage your activities and use your time efficiently to achieve your goals with less effort, be more productive, happy and successful. Share it if you think it is useful for other people.



The Purpose of life connects us with our essence, allows us to live in harmony and happiness, to appropriate our destiny. To transform our energy into creative energy. To become the protagonists of our own existence. If you are one of those who want to leave your mark on this life, I invite you to read this article.

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Difference between Sympathy and Empathy

In a world driven by increased automation where artificial intelligence expands the limits of what computers are capable of doing, the challenges for leaders and managers also increase not only at the technological level but especially to develop and strengthen People that makes the difference in organizations now and in the future.

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EMPATHY: The ability that we need to cultivate!- Part II

In this article, I focus on the Empathy Map, a visual, effective and powerful tool that enables businesspeople to organize and analyze the observations we make about our customers. It allows us to create a profile of a person so as to better understand his or her environment, behaviors, concerns, and aspiration. This strategy empowers us to assess customers’ needs more accurately and align more closely our interests with those of our stakeholders.

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EMPATHY: The ability that we need to rescue!!- Part I

Empathy is a critical leadership skill that helps you influence others in your organization, anticipate stakeholders’ concerns, respond to social media followers, run better change management process and of course to reach high results and performance. Many profitability companies mainly from the technological sector have understood this reality, the index of Empathy showed it. The empathy in business is vital for sustainable success. This article mentions research and evidence of successful and profitable companies that have understood the need to rescue the empathy and place it in the center of the corporate culture as a key factor of success.

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